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Message to Physicians

Our telephone messaging system has the potential to save your practice time and money, while enhancing your communication with patients.  Our process is simple to use, provides confidentiality, and is very cost effective.

Communicating with your patients is a vital part of running your medical practice. However, the time and effort required to communicate costs your practice money.  Whether your patient doesn’t understand what they were told, or your staff just can’t seem to get through to patients on the phone, every minute your staff spends relaying information costs you money.

Through Meteor's nationwide network of dealers, you can begin to reduce your monthly expenses while providing a service your clients will love. One of our affiliated dealers located in your city can enroll you in a simple to use process that lets you manage your time and communication. Let us help you estimate your savings and review other benefits available to your practice.

For more information or to locate a dealer near you, call us at (866) 492-1020.

Bottom Line.

Your practice saves time and money while providing your patients convenience, accessibility and security.


Let us help you protect the privacy of your patient's information.

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